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Hello, everyone!

meep... remember me? LOL

OMG the things that have happened to me since my last post. All good things, for the most part, but RL hit me with a *HARD* lick to the ass with one thing after the other. I'm still balancing a lot on my plate at the moment and might be for a while yet, but the kids, Shon and myself are fine.

I feel awful about not updating for so long, especially since my muses are NOT happy! I've never started a fic that I never finished and that will remain the case with my current story as well. So, there *will* be updates in the coming weeks, promise.

As of now, I have working on enrollment to become a certified CNA, co-writing a sci-fy book with my sister that we have been working on for about a year (which we're getting down and deep in completing for publication now), and cruise with Shon that will span the whole first week of February (our first real vacation/honeymoon after 12 years married). And that's just to name the big things going on. LOL

So, yes, extremely busy but kicking. And as promised, this current fic will continue. I thank you all for your patience! Miss you all like crazy!
Love yas!
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[FIC] That Which Mends 45/?

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My most sincere apologies for this delayed update. After a long bout with bronchitis, an insane work schedule and juggling two little ones on top of it all, I finally feel like I am getting my groove back. I do hope to kick back into regular weekly updates going forward.