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[FICLET] A Nice Predicament (Companion to an ASIA pic)

Still having trouble with the cuts here, but here's a little ficlet I just finished for an ASIA fic!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Gundman Wing, or its characters. I just love playing with them.

A Nice Predicament

Pairings: 1x2

Warnings: SAP, swearing

Duo’s POV

BY: SkyLark

Betaed by ShenLong Deb *hugs*

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Inspired by this sweet pic by ASIA:




Time and time again one hears the phrase of ‘actions speak louder than words.


As talkative as I am, one never has to really wonder what I am thinking or how I am feeling. So, my actions are not really needed to clarify where I stand on anything. Like it or not, you will hear nothing but the truth from me.


For one as quiet as my lover of the last three years, his actions are more what I go on in our relationship. Sure, it would be nice to hear ‘I love you’ and other declarations on a regular basis… but that’s not what matters to me. I just need to know that he loves me and cares- however he chooses to let me know.


And those ways of letting me know can come at the most inopportune of times. Like right now.


See, right now, I am in a bit of a predicament.


It is now eight in the morning and my bladder is crying for relief as it usually does this time of the day. I am sitting on the edge of the bed in my blue pajamas, hair all disheveled and trying to answer nature’s call; only I can’t right now.


Not with a pair of hands holding onto my braid behind me in a vice grip.


Lying on his side facing me, Heero is absolutely adorable with his hair even more of a mess than usual and his mouth open in a deep sleep. The moment I stirred to get out of bed when his arm slipped away from my waist, his hands started moving around when his subconscious realized that I was no longer lying there. As they found my braid, they held on tight and his light snoring resumed.


Under normal circumstances, I would be working those digits off of my hair and head to the bathroom as I’d intended. This time, however, things are different.


This is my first morning home from a very long, dangerous mission. I had flown out to a distant colony with a team assigned to me on a covert operation that involved a lot of risky flying, sneaking and installation of explosives.


Nothing new for a Preventer. It all came with the territory.


Due to the elevated risk of trouble, Lady Une had me go on without Heero. Less of a chance for one or both of us not using our heads if things spiraled out of control. Neither of us was happy with the idea, but we knew better than to argue.


I was still able to contact Heero every other night on a secured line on my ship and he was our primary connection back on Earth when we needed to check in with our regular updates, so that worked for me.


Almost two weeks into our mission, the shit was really about to hit the fan. I was at the wheel of our craft when radar picked up that we were being followed by several other ships. A closer scan of those blips revealed that our enemy had sent a welcoming committee for us.


Heero was on the com just as the word came to me from one of the other agents that we were about to have company. Cutting off my connection with my lover, I focused on maneuvering and firing.


In the end, of course, I got my team to our new location safely with minimal damage to the ship. One of the things we did lose, however, was our communication system.


That meant for the remaining two weeks of the mission, there would be absolutely no contact with headquarters. No one wanted to risk calling home and being discovered in unfriendly territory. So, we were on our own and no one on Earth had any idea of our situation. Hell, they could have thought that we were blown to kingdom come with the timing of my last call to Heero.


Unfortunately, there was nothing that we could do about it until we returned.


When we did return, the hanger was a flurry of activity with relieved family and agents alike welcoming us back.


Heero was one of the last to reach us when we stepped from the craft. When his darkly circled eyes met mine, I could have sworn that they were shimmering. Not normally one to display any public affections with me, I was stunned when he quickly closed the distance between us to pull me into a tight hug, all the while being careful with my bandaged parts.


I bit back a whimper when I actually felt him shaking. Melting against him, I looped my own arms around him and rubbed his back reassuringly. I gladly accepted the deep kiss he offered when we finally pulled back to smile at each other.


After my debriefing, Heero drove us home and cooked for me. I went over the details of the mission over dinner. Instead of sitting across from me at the table as he normally did, he sat beside me to stay as close as possible.


Both too tired physically and mentally, neither of us made a move to make love for my first night back. Instead, we just lied in bed and cuddled closely as we talked quietly until we both fell asleep in each other’s arms.


Which brings us to where I am now.


Thinking back on those events leading up to this morning, I stalled enough that my bladder is no longer nagging me.


Damn, Heero just looks so cute, wanting me close even in his sleep. And I am not about to wake him up, either. Instead, I just crawl back under the covers and curl back up against him so we are facing each other. Still lost in the world of dreams, he smiles and sighs in content while resting his arm around me once more.


Smiling myself, I lean up to kiss his lips gently and whisper the same thing his actions always tell me. “I love you.” And I am sure he hears me as his grin spreads further.


Yep, this is a pretty nice predicament to be in.






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