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[FIC] Halfway Home-Also Inspired by an ASIA pic

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Gundam Wing, or its characters. I just love playing with them.
Halfway Home
Pairings: 1+2+1
Warnings: Fluff
BY: SkyLark
Inspired by the pic by ASIA:
Betaed by ShenLong Deb *hugs*
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He was nearly asleep at the wheel when he pulled into the driveway just a few hours before dawn.

Body aching, he removed his duffle bag from the passenger's seat and stepped out into the cold where his breath came out in vapor clouds. Closing the door after himself, he climbed the front porch steps to his nicknamed 'halfway home.'

The residence earned the name for both literally being halfway between Preventer's Headquarters and his own home. But more than that, this was a place that offered rehabilitation and support after a long mission like the one he was just returning from.

With a deep sigh when he finally reached the door, Heero raised his hand to knock three times. Like so many other times, he did not need to wait long before the light within turned on and the house was opened to him to reveal a pair of brilliant violet eyes.

Grinning widely, Duo stepped aside and allowed his partner to enter while brushing back his slightly disheveled braid. There were no words spoken between them at first. The braided agent simply took his friend's bag and set it aside for him. Though he never said it, he made it known how glad he was to have Heero back.

It was just one of the many reasons the ex-Wing pilot looked forward to these stays. Along with a bed he could fall into and a hot meal whenever he needed it, there was that even more important sense of simply being cared for. No one ever made him feel more appreciated or even loved the way Duo did through the simplest of gestures.

Nodding to his partner, Heero made his way upstairs to the spare bedroom that was ready for him like always. The bed was neatly made with warm blankets that made his sore body ache even more to be curled up under them. On the top comforter lay a neatly folded pair of sweatpants and a sweater for him to sleep in that were just his size.

Half closing the bedroom door behind him, the Japanese agent stripped down to his boxers and pulled on the fresh, warm clothing. Turning out the light, he slipped under the covers onto his side and sank into the pillows while his unruly hair fell in his eyes as they drifted closed.

Lightly kicking away some of the blankets over him, Heero waited for his favorite part of these visits.

After a few moments, he could hear his partner's socked feet heading up the stairs and continued to feign sleep. The sound of his half-closed door creeping open just a little more reached his ears. Making sure to keep his breathing even, he felt more than heard Duo near the bed on the side his back was facing.

Carefully, the braided agent pulled the covers up to Heero's shoulder. Leaning over as he did so, he placed a soft kiss on his temple. When he pulled back, his breath stirred the dark hair as he whispered almost reverently, "G'night, 'Ro. I'm glad you're home."

Just as quietly as he entered, Duo straightened himself and headed for the door. Opening his right eye in a thin slit, Heero watched his best friend close the door behind himself. A small, warm smile tugged his lips as he settled deeper into the soft mattress.

He was pretty sure that his best friend really believed that he was sound asleep every time he tucked him in and kissed him good night. It was his secret on top of Duo's secret.

But soon, Heero planned to make it a point to let his cat out of the bag... once he asked his partner the next morning if he was open to the idea of his moving in.

This was where he belonged. This is where he was safe and loved. There was nothing 'halfway' about it....

He was home. Wherever Duo was, that was home.

Quietly chuckling over what kind of look his good friend would have on his face when he finally told him his little secret, Heero closed his eyes.

With a soft yawn, he drifted off into the first peaceful sleep he'd had in weeks.


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